The capability of Frontier Pro Services provides technical services for wind, solar, and conventional energy generation.  We have performed turbine inspections, commissioning of wind and solar projects, including substation, telemetry, and fiber optic network solutions. We also have one of the industries longest track records performing blade repairs backed and rotor balancing.  Our condition monitoring capability has provided vibration analysis solutions and laboratory analysis of oil and grease. FPS utilizes in house services and technologies to increase responsiveness and reliability and drive out unnecessary costs. Leveraging proprietary technologies, the FPS capability provides the ability to eliminate surprises.

FPS is an innovative provider of technical O&M and asset management-based solutions which maximize revenue and minimize down-time via our web-based portal with critical information including QA/QC, commissioning, telemetry, fiber optic network validation, balance of plan, condition monitoring focused on vibration analysis, oil and grease analysis, maintenance management, and remote and local condition monitoring. More detailed information on the O&M and condition monitoring capability can be found at this link: Monitek Web Site Link.